Bodybuilder Strips Nude At Photo Shoot

We took a drive Saturday doing errands and driving around town. When we went by the basketball court over by the school, we stopped the car to watch a bodybuilder guy playing basketball363537We got out of the car and walked over closer to watch.34Dang, I said, he’s really built. We walked over and said hi to him.01 He seemed friendly, so we asked him if we could talk to him. He said yeah, no problem. So we all sat down on the grass to talk with him04 We all made small talk for a while. Then we got around to asking him about a photo shoot. He said yes, and we wondered what would happen if we actually got him back home. We got back home, and as we were all talking, he just started undoing his pants!01 (1)Then he sat there talking to us with his pants unbuttoned, just like nothing was going on. You never know when you ask a bodybuilder if they wanna do a photo shoot what’s gonna happen. Seemed like he was gonna show his body for sure. It just got better and better as he stripped down.02 (1)03 (1)Pretty soon, he was naked with a rock hard dick; we didn’t even have to ask. 07Then we asked if he would show us his hole. I thought, I wonder if he would come back and fuck another guy bareback, or let another guy fuck him. If you wanna see everything, click here..11So as he was sitting there rock hard, he just started jerking off – we just let him go. 18What an ass on that guy!49If you wanna see everything, click here.