Raymond Bareback Muscle

Hi, my name is Raymond. I’m a competition bodybuilder. I’ve done modeling and sex videos.
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Rod asked me to tell you about the sex videos.
One day, I went with the camera guys (who shot the sex videos) to pick up my hot buddy Grayson. He’s so hot he pulled my cock out of my pants right in in the car…in traffic. He couldn’t wait to fuck around. He didn’t seem to mind if other drivers saw us or our dicks.
I also did a bareback video with my buddy Jarek. He fucked me so deep and hard that he started to cum inside me. He pulled his cock out so the camera guy could take a pic of the cum running down his dick. See the pic below. I shot my load when I felt his dick throbbing inside me. Them he put me on my back, then fucked me a second time. He pulled his cock out, shot a huge load into my hole, then just kept fucking me.
They talked me into doing a bareback three-way with Jordan and Jeffrey. These pics are in their own section below. Turn your speakers down if you watch this one. This session got intense when both Jeffrey and Jordan went bareback inside me at the same time. Then, we went over to the couch where Jordan fucked Jeffrey bareback, shot a load into his hole, fucked him with it, then ate his cum off Jeffrey as Jeffrey shot a load. During the time that this was going on, Jeffrey was drinking my cum that I was spraying on his face. Go here to see the entire videos. Shut the window so the neighbors don’t hear you yell, and get a towel ready, I’m gonna make you cum hard.
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Now here are the pics from the three-way.Then Jeffrey and Jordan both fucked me at the same timeJeffrey’s about to make me shoot while Jordan is fucking himFeeding Jeffrey my cumJordan shooting into Jeffrey  Jordan sucked Jeffey’s balls and ate cum while Jeffrey shot his load  Jeffrey fed some of his load to Jordan 
To see me pose click here. (Go into ‘The Men” and look for ‘Robbie Butler’ on page 7)
To see the complete bareback sex videos, click here.