Mario Borelli

Hi, I’m Mario. Click on each pic for a full-sized version.
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   Sometimes when I pose, I get hot and there’s not enough room in my jock for my big dick. Take a look at some of the pics below. You can see my pre-cum after I took my jock off.   I turned around from the camera at one point, cuz my dick was getting so hard I didn’t think I could keep posing. The camera guy told me to just keep posing no matter what.But I was too close to cumming. They kept the camera rolling.  I couldn’t hold back and shot a load during the posing session. When you watch me pose and cum, turn your speakers down. Click here to see the complete video. Click here to see if me and my bodybuilding buddies are online. Hope I have a chance to pose for you live.
See you soon,