Carl Hardwick

Hi, I’m Carl. I’m a straight competition bodybuilder.
To go to my webpage, and watch my posing and cum videos, click here.
To watch me pose in front of a live audience (where I let guys touch me) click here. (Go to ‘The Men’, then page eight)
When my body is all shaved and ready for a competition, I look like this.
They asked me to lose the posing suit so you guys can see me naked.
Lots of guys wrote and asked that I make a video of how I shave my body before a competition, so I made a shaving and workout video.
This is me shaving my body on the back deck in a jockstrap. Then, I had to strip down naked so I could shave around my nuts. Now that I’m all shaved, its time to oil up and do a workout in my thong. Here’s a close up of my thong for you guys. Then I thought  I’d go out to the pool, strip down and work on my tan.   I was feeling kinda horny laying there naked in front of the camera guy, so he said it was ok if I busted a nut. Here you go guys.
The camera crew also followed me out to the house to film me playing basketball in the driveway, work on the lawn and do some stretches and posing. All the shorts they wanted me to wear were so short that my dick and nuts were always falling out. Then a warm-up wearing my most ripped up underwear. Then, they said to take the ripped up underwear off and show you guys my cock.   The camera crew went out to the country with me to the ranch, they wanted to film me posing, trying on clothes and working.   If you wanna see the complete ranch, shaving and cum videos, click here.
If you’d like to see a video of a live muscle show in Los Angeles, where I posed in front of a live crowd in a leather jock strap, click here.
 Go watch my hot videos I made for you in both sites, or else I’ll have to do a bodybuilder’s arrest!